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A collection of all five BayWest Skincare's products to give you the complete regimen for oily and acnaic skin types! 

Step 1: BayWest Skincare’s famous Acne Clay Cleanser is packed with our superior oil blend and fine green clay. Loaded with antioxidants to effectively cleanse the skin by removing make-up and the daily buildup of pollutants, dead skin cells and makeup, while fighting current and future blemishes all while not stripping your skin of its natural oils. Leaving you with soft and supple skin!

This product is suitable for oily and acnaic skin types. Double cleanse morning and night for 60 seconds for best results!

The Acne Clay Cleanser has a natural lemon and tea tree aroma. 

Step 2: Our most desired product here at BayWest Skincare is our Fruit Enzyme Mask. This exfoliating treatment is loaded with provitamins and luxury plant-based nutrients, which calms and gently exfoliates the skin, resulting in a smooth, glowing complexion in one treatment.

This product is suitable for all skin types. Apply 2-3 times per week after using the Acne Clay Cleanser.

The Fruit Enzyme Mask has a natural citrus aroma. 

Step 3: Our famous Detox Mask can be used by all! Nutrient loaded with vitamins and exotic sea buckthorn extract purifies the deep layers of the skin. Don’t wait for blemishes to appear, take charge before they even have time to manifest. By applying BayWest Skincare’s Detox Mask you can ensure that your pores stay clear of any dirt or grime that would result in breakouts you just don’t have time for! The Detox Mask preps the skin to allow deeper penetration of products, giving you rapid results, you deserve!

Even if your skin is flawless and you are yet to spot a wrinkle, there’s no better time than now to start taking proper care of your skin so that you can enjoy youthful and wrinkle-free skin as you age (gracefully may we add)!

This product is suitable for all skin types. Apply 2-3 times per week after using the Acne Clay Cleanser and Fruit Enzyme Mask.

The Detox Clay Mask has a natural lavender and tea tree aroma. 

Step 4: BayWest’s hyaluronic acid and linoleic acid-based moisturiser highly penetrates your skin, without leaving you shiny, giving you day and night oil control, for the perfectly balanced skin you have always wanted!

This product is suitable for clients with combination, oily and acnaic skin types. Apply morning and night.

The Oil Balancing Moisturiser has a natural lavender, lemon and a hint of tea tree aroma.

Step 5:  A must-have oil blend which can reduce acne and acne formation over night while nourishing and preventing acne scarring. Jam-packed with exotic extracts and antioxidants ready to show off your naturally beautiful skin!

It can be used as a spot treatment or a full facial oil to directly banish a breakout!

This product is suitable for clients with an acnaic skin type or persons who occasionally experience breakouts. Product can be applied as needed.

The Anti-Acne Oil has a natural lavender and rosemary aroma. 



The BayWest Skincare Promise

BayWest Skincare sets the standards high for what real, clean beauty should be. That is why our products are cruelty-free, ethically and sustainably sourced, and made in the UK. Our mission is to give our customers a safe space to shop BayWest Skincare without making any compromises.