BayWest Cayman Islands is a luxury skincare line that intertwines naturally obtained ingredients and Caymanian beauty, ambience, and culture.

The Cayman Islands includes three pristine paradises: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. The main island is Grand Cayman, where the founder, Ms. Farrington of BayWest Skincare was raised and whose family has a historic and momentous history.

The Cayman Islands has a saying, 'Caymankind' which means, whoever you are and wherever you come from, there is a piece of Cayman that will speak to you. It could be our extremely multi-cultured island where the best of the best traditions to surface. The finer things life has to offer that only seem to get better here, the riches of mother nature or the artistry of our artisans. Odds are, what does resonate with you will be all of the above and more.

"It is an experience to have with yourself to soak in all of the natural beauty the island has to offer. My goal is to continue to place that moment of pure serenity into my products. To translate the state of mind and feeling, the Cayman Islands offers, but in product form, and I have been told numerous times, I have accomplished just that!" – BayWest Director, Ms. Farrington.