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Time for an upgrade? BayWest Skincare has you covered with five exotic acne products THAT WORK!

All-natural formulations derived from plants, fruits and vegetables keep the skin nourished while banishing acne formation and healing current skin blemishes!

  • Life-Changing Testimonials

    Acne Clay Cleanser

    The Baywest acne cleanser is the only acne cleanser that cleans my skin without drying me out. It is so smooth going on and leaves me skin feeling clean and soft. My acne is always reduced after cleansing and is at least 50% less sore. -Lisa

    Fruit Enzyme Mask

    I have been using this mask for 1 month straight, twice a week and my skin has reduced in dark spots. This mask is so much more than exfoliating! I love it and my skin is glowwwwing! -Brooke

    Detox Clay Mask

    I would categorise myself as a ‘mature acne sufferer’ and I have tried every product on the market. You name it, I’ve tried it. This mask is thick and you can feel its packed with amazingness. Give it a go and see for yourself! Worth every penny! -Lizzy

    Anti-Acne Oil

    I put the acne oil on before I go to sleep and without a doubt in the morning, I am less red, smoother and I have more confidence. -Yvonne

    Oil Balancing Moisturiser

    I live in Birmingham and my skin is really dry, but I also have really horrible acne, so I was skeptical about purchasing this because I didn’t want it to make me breakout more. I was really happy with the results, it did exactly what the description said. -Sarah

    Acne Clay Cleanser

    I use this cleanser on my face, chest, and upper back. I have acne literally everywhere and it sucks. This gives my skin a nice cleanse. Really happy with the results. -Sean

    Fruit Enzyme Mask

    I’m a guy…so not going to lie I was skeptical about using a mask 2-3 times a week, BUT I’LL TELL YOU IT WORKS! BRUV GET ON IT! -Carter

    Detox Clay Mask

    My acne is horrible and I’m really shy because of my skin. BayWest’s acne regimen really cleared up my skin. I feel clean and I’m looking clear! The other products are great but the detox mask is definitely my favorite product so far! -Maria

    Anti-Acne Oil

    The acne oil is my go-to and I use it multiple times a day. It’s so easy to use and not only does it fight pimples but leaves your skin glowing and smells so good! -Christine

    Oil Balancing Moisturiser

    The oil balancing moisturiser is my baby! It gets so hot here in Cayman and I sweat through my makeup, but using the balancing Moisturiser before my foundation just sets everything in place without drying out my skin or over moisturising it. -Adrianna

    How It Works...

    Learn how BayWest Skincare leaves you with flawless skin, you deserve!

    Step OneCLEANSE

    Cleanse your makeup and the day away with our superior blend of berry extracts and evening primrose oil infused clay cleanser.


    Our Fruit Enzyme Mask is stuffed with pineapple and papaya extracts, for a gentle exfoliating tingle that brightens and balances the skin to expose your radiant skin in one treatment!

    Step ThreeDETOX

    Anyone can apply BayWest Skincare’s Detox Mask! Loaded with vitamins and exotic sea buckthorn extract purifies the skin with a deep cleanse which preps the skin for deeper penetration of other products. Leaving you with the rapid results you deserve!

    Step fourMOISTURISE

    Apply the hyaluronic and linoleic acid-based moisturiser day and night for a lightweight moisturising treatment, without leaving you shiny, giving you day and night oil control for the perfectly balanced skin you have always wanted.

    Step FiveTREATMENT

    A must-have oil blend which can reduce acne and acne formation over night while nourishing and preventing acne scarring. It can be used as a spot treatment to directly banish a breakout, or as a full facial oil.

    Embrace BayWest Skincare's approach to effective skincare for you and everyone. Our products are only made from quality and ethically sourced natural ingredients, but there is more to BayWest Skincare than just that. For every purchase, a percentage is donated to mental health awareness in youths and the underprivileged elderly of the Cayman Islands.

    Many people associate the Cayman Islands with crystal clear waters, our stance as the culinary capital of the caribbean or our unique island charm. These facts are true, yet many Caymanians struggle to afford basic human necessities such as quality healthcare and food. This is due to Cayman being ranked as one of the highest cost of living locations in the world. BayWest is skincare that makes a difference to you and others.

    We are humbled to be donating proceeds to the Alex Panton Foundation and Meals on Wheels Cayman Islands.

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